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If you have pain issues – whether you suffer from headaches or muscle pain, I invite you to check out the Salonpas blog.  Each week, there’s a new installment featuring advice from leading doctors and wellness professionals.  Over the past 15 months, articles have covered:

Top Ways to Reduce Body Weight and Back Pain

Pain Management Tips for ‘Desk Jockeys’

Understanding Topical Analgesics

Finding Natural Migraine Relief

Easing Weekend Warrior Pain Woes

Essential Oils for Pain Relief

Massage Away Pain

Holistic Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment










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Vorticom’s Nancy T was featured as a Profnet success story on behalf of Salonpas:,_vorticom_inc._

NYC First Major US City to Embrace Battery Storage Installations

Energy storage company American Vanadium announces on April 23rd a partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New York State Research and Development Authority to begin a project that will incorporate a commercial battery installation for energy storage. American Vanadium CEO Bill Radvak tells TheStreet’s Joe Deaux that utility company Con Edison is signing on to help cut electric grid costs, and that ideally this will trickle down to consumers by cutting their bills.

AlliedBarton CEO Featured Cover Story in Chief Learning Officer Magazine

Vorticom is proud to have worked with CLO magazine to feature AlliedBarton CEO as cover story! Read this inspirational article:

Skillings Mining Review magazine, which offers the latest international mining news, features American Vanadium CEO, Bill Radvak, in their February 2014 issue. We are proud to share this important article with you. Click the link below to read the article:


Mexican Focused Precious Metals Poised for Upside


Q1 Cash Flow Catalyst for M&A Activity? 

Mining Weekly interviews Newstrike Capital CEO

“Following a tumultuous period of volatile commodity price declines that caused many miners to cut costs, shutter operations and halt projects, those actions are expected to result in significant free cash flows when companies report their first-quarter results of 2014, which could, in turn spark a period of vigorous mergers and acquisitions activity, Newstrike CEO Richard Whittall said to Mining Weekly’s Henry Lazenby in the January 24th 2014 issue. 

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Vanadium Power!

“Bill Radvak is used to it by now; the question, that is about Vancouver, BC-based American Vanadium Corp.,” writes D’Arcy Jenish in the Canadian Mining Journal. “Are they an energy storage company or a mining venture? Truth is: American Vanadium is a bit of both.”

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Future of Cogeneration is Green













Fortress Paper Cogen Facility

Sometimes what’s old becomes new again and cogeneration, which is more than 130 years old, is gathering momentum across the world. Combined heat and power (CHP), also known as cogeneration, is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat from a single fuel source, such as natural gas, biomass, biogas, coal, waste heat, or oil,” reports the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   

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Can Flow Batteries Replace Diesel Generators?


“Last year, Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the Northeast, leaving 159 people dead and costing up to $50 billion in damages,” reports “But Sandy’s aftermath is spawning renewed interest in products and services for businesses to prepare for and possibly even thrive during these disasters.”

“With power a key lifeline for businesses to stay open, backup sources of electricity have seen spikes in sales.” For those looking beyond generators, there’s the vanadium battery. “This can replace the generator as a source of power,” said Bill Radvak, CEO of American Vanadium,, the only company that is making the batteries in the U.S. and is a partner with the German firm Gildemeister which produces them in Europe.

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LX Ventures – Canada’s Answer to Series A Crunch

With the launch of venture capitalist firm LX Ventures, Mike Edwards plans to build a high-tech startup empire,” reports Nelson Bennett for Business in Vancouver magazine.

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